Condo for Rent Somerset Park Suanplu

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90,000 บาท



Condo for Rent Somerset Park Suanplu +++

Type : 2 Bed Executive
Size : 120 sqm
Rent Price : 90,000 B/month
Floor : 15 +++
Decoration : Fully Furnished
Transit : BTS Saladeang, MRT Lumpini

Rates include
• Water supply and electricity allowance
• Housekeeping service 3 times /week
• Complimentary WiFi internet access
• Complimentary scheduled Tuk-Tuk service to BTS sky train sation

*** Monthly rent is welcome ***
To experience the infectious energy of one of the world& most crowded cities, one should
pay Bangkok a visit. It is here that visitors can experience large shopping malls sitting
alongside 200-year- old villages and gold-tinged spires of Buddhist temples, and where tuk-
tuks zip in and out of lanes precariously. The city’s multifaceted personality is what gives it
its allure - that while the city races alongside its South East Asian neighbours towards
urbanisation, it romantically holds dearly onto its rich culture, heritage and history.
This modernly furnished serviced residence come in various sizes, ranging from cleverly
designed one-bedroom apartments to truly spacious three-bedroom apartments that come
fitted with en-suite bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchenette as well as a workstation for when
work beckons.
More information please contact : Fai Punika
Tel : 090 565 0707
Line ID : fai_c21rs
Mail :
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