For Sale, Lumpini CondoTown Ramintra-Laksi 26 sqm

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1,280,000 บาท



:: Highlights ::
- Condo Lumpini Condo Town Ramindra-Laksi Lumpini Condo Town Ramintra - Laksi This unit is located in C2 building is the best location of the project because it is adjacent to the parking and garden. And the reading room of the project.
- Condo Lumpini Condo Town Ramindra-Laksi Lumpini Condo Town Ramintra - Laksi This unit is fully furnished with built-in furniture and electrical appliances.
- Full facilities The large rest. Jogging track in swimming pool, fitness center, sauna.
- Convenient location on Ramindra Road, only 200 meters from the main monument. Central Department Store, Ramintra and full facilities near BTS Green Line and Pink Line construction line (in the future).
- In addition to the purchase. This condo is the lowest average price in Ramindra. And with a good location has the potential to grow again. This condo is also worth buying. The rental fee is 6% per annum.

:: Room Details ::
- 2 Bedrooms, 5.5 Sqm, 1 Bathroom, 1 Kitchen and Balcony
- Fully Furnished with Build-in Good condition
- All furniture and appliances sold.

== furniture ==
5 feet bed with mattress
dressing table
Showcase and shelves
Tv shelf
Showcase and storage of built-in over the TV.
Shoe cabinet and built-in locker
Built-in kitchen counter

== electrical appliances ==
Water heater
air conditioner

:: Project Description ::
- Project Name: Lumpini Condo Town Ramindra-Laksi / Condo Lumpini Condo Town Ramintra - Laksi
- Project Location: Ramintra Road, Anusawan Road, Bangkhen, Bangkok.
- Maps
- Project Owner: Lumpini - LPN Development
- Project area: Approximately 25 rai 1 ngan 76.3 square wah (Phase 1: 12 rai 3)
- Project Type: 1 low rise low rise condominium
- Room Type: 1 bedroom
- Number of Rooms: 2,700 Units
- Parking lot: 480
- Facilities: Elevator, Parking, Security, CCTV, Kiosk, 24-hour security, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, fitness room, multi-purpose room. Treadmill, playground, wi-fi project
- 20 baht per sqm.
- Completed: 2008 (2008)

:: Location (Nearby) ::
1. Laksi monument
2. Central Ramindra Department Store
3. Lotus Mall
4. Carrefour Shopping Mall
5. Big C Department Store
6. Bangkhen Police Station
7. Central General Hospital
8. Army Golf Course
9. Wat Phra Si Mahathat Worawihan

If you travel by car The nearest expressway is 3.1 miles from the condo.
Wide range of shops around the condo:
Central Plaza Department Store (Ramindra) 240 meters from the condo (3 minutes walk)
Tops Supermarket (Ramindra) - 260 meters (4 minutes walk)
Laksi Square - 1.9 km (11 minutes drive)
Max Value Mall (Laksi) - 2.1 km (9 minutes drive)
Foodland Supermarket (Ramindra) - 2.9 km (5 minutes drive)
Family Mart convenience store, located just 4 minutes walk from the building. Meet every basic need in daily life, have the necessary goods in daily life, choose to spend.

The nearest schools in Lumpini Place Ramindra - Laksi include:
Pramote Witthaya School Distance of about 600 meters (about 7 minutes walk)
Prachinburi School - 820 meters (5 minutes drive)
Kindergarten Kindergarten - 950 meters (3 minutes driving)
Thai Songkhla Popular School - 1.2 km (13 minutes drive)
Erawan sciences school - 1.4 km (3 minutes drive)

Nearby, the condo has many restaurants such as:
Fuji - 220 meters (3 minutes walk)
BBQ Plaza (Central Ramindra) - 260 meters (4 minutes walk)
Daidomon (Central Ramindra 4th Floor) - 260 meters (4 minutes walk)
S & P (Central Ramindra) - 260 meters (4 minutes walk)
Krua Thai (Central Ramindra) - 260 meters (4 minutes walk)
Central Hospital The nearest hospital, located 2.9 km from the condominium, takes about 14 minutes to drive there.

Price 1,280,000 Baht

Interested please contact Panuwat
Tel: 081-698-5433
Line id: pumobile

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